OAuth Error Code List

Error Code Error Message Description
96001 OA_CLIENT_NOT_EXISTS client doesn’t exist, or account services not enabled, see​ user guide
96002 OA_INVALID_REQUEST required data missing in request, or data format invalid
96003 OA_INVALID_CLIENT client_id and client_secret don’t match (client_secret correspond to app_secret)
96004 OA_INVALID_GRANT grant invalid, grant type can be either token or code
96005 OA_UNAUTHORIZED_CLIENT client has no permissions to use this request, application for permissions on an open platform required
96006 OA_UNSUPPORTED_GRANT_TYPE grant type not supported by server
96007 OA_INVALID_SCOPE scope invalid or unknown, or format invalid, see ​scope permission​ list
96008 OA_INVALID_TOKEN access token error or expired
96009 OA_INVALID_REFRESHTOKEN refresh token invalid or expired
96010 OA_INVALID_REDIRECT_URI redirect url doesn’t match with the previous registration url, or isn’t a valid url, redirect url should be the same as the one entered when enabling account services
96011 OA_UNSUPPORTED_RESPONSE_TYPE response type unsupported by server
96012 OA_ACCESS_DENIED user or server denied access, user may have canceled request, or MAC signature of the request can’t be verified
96013 OA_INVALID_CODE code invalid or expired, authorization code can be used once, and it’s valid within 5 minutes