Scope Permission List

scope description API
1 Get xiaomi user's personal data user/profile
2 Get MiChat user's friend list user/relation
3 Get xiaomi user's openId user/openIdV2
4 Get xiaomi user's phone number user/phoneAndEmail
6 Get xiaomi user's email address user/phoneAndEmail
1000 Access xiaomi user's xiaomi router Router
2000 Get xiaomi user’s contacts stored in Mi Cloud Mi Cloud
6000 Use xiaomi user’s Mi Home services Mi Cloud
7000 Follow service account registered in Yellow Pages(yellow pages app is on by default) Mi Cloud
11000 Get data from xiaomi user’s cloud gallery Mi Cloud
12001 Save app data to Mi Cloud Mi Cloud
13002 Save xiaomi user’s fitness data to Mi Cloud Mi Cloud
16000 Get xiaomi user's mi coupon MIUI